Funk u Nail Systems
Case Study

Brand Identity & Website Design

We were asked to design a logo, product labels, and eCommerce store for a local startup business. The client wanted a bold look, they wanted to be different from the usual soft, pastel styles commonly used in the industry. Funk U Nail Systems dare you to be different.

The Solution

Design and Brand identity for Funk U Nail Systems

Design and brand identity, a range of product labels, and an eCommerce website for the new nail systems brand.

Branding and Product Label Design

The new brand identity and custom gradient was the centerpiece for the new range of products. There were a total of 50 products were launched, a clear wrap was designed for each of the 15g and 45g pots, with the gradient logo on the top. We listed the ingredients and complied with the compulsory legal information.

Website design and build

A branded website with an online store. The website itself was designed in Photoshop, and then build using Wix. The product catalog was integrated with Facebook and Instagram, along with the Facebook Pixel for future paid ads (PPC).

Website design and branding Responsive website design Funk U Nail Systems Packaging design Funk U Nail Systems Packaging design 2 Funk U Nail Systems Packaging and label design Funk U Nail Systems Packaging design 3