Carole Nash HTML5
Case Study

Carole Nash are a leading motorcycle insurance company based in Altrincham. Working with the marketing team I was tasked with updating the existing set of text-only remarketing ads.

The Solution

Animated HTML5 Ads

Being skilled in HTML5 and CSS website creation, and animation software, it was a no-brainer to use Google Web Designer – a relatively new tool to create dynamic, media-rich HTML5 ads to use directly with Google 360 and PPC platform.

The first issue to overcome was the use of Carole Nash brand fonts, Helevita Neue wasn’t available as a Google Font, so it was suggested I needed to create the text in Illustrator, outline it and export each letter individually. I fired up Google Fonts and spent a bit of time trying to find a good enough match that would pass for the brand font, and keep the brand manager happy! Roboto Condensed did the trick and was used for digital ads moving forwards.

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