A Bit About Me

Wednesday, 1st September, 2021


Qualifications and Experience

Professional Career

My career path started with studying Graphic design at The University of Salford, where the main modules were typography, branding and advertising. All essential to a designer’s knowledge.

There was a new module called Technology, where we we taught how to create websites with Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Flash, as those were the key players in the website creation world. Oh how times have changed in a little over 15 years.

Since graduating with honors in 2006, and spending the next 10 years in design studio’s across Manchester and Stockport, the time was right to move on to pasture’s new. The shift had already started to move design to a more digital output, printers were going out of business, and once major players in the advertising industry were struggling. Robson-Brown, an ad agency based on Salford Quays in Manchester had gone bust.

Freelance Digital Designer

I left Studio North to work as a digital freelancer, learning essential HTML and CSS coding skills along the way. My website skills before this consisted of table-based layouts, a popular method of website creation before CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) were invented. CSS changed the way websites looked and felt forever, it was a way of styling a website like never before. Websites had finally started to adhere to standards for HTML and CSS code.

Digital Marketing

I started my MSc in Digital Marketing at Salford Business School. Search and Social Media Marketing, Analytics, and Strategy were amongst the subjects covered. The Digital Marketing element covered the central concept of The Buyer Persona Spring. A device which connects your ‘complex organisation’ to your ‘buyer persona’ using the sub-strategies of Channels, Content and Data.