Create a Winning SEO Strategy

Monday, 23rd May, 2022

Our first article in a series covering the complex world of SEO, starting with the key ingredients needed for your SEO strategy.

To reach your buyer persona, you must plan and optimise your website’s content in a systematic manner. In order to monitor, assess, and respond to the success (or failure) of your campaigns and tactics, your strategy should also use the action learning cycle.

What To Include in Your SEO Strategy

A typical SEO strategy is based on four key steps:

Strategic keyword research involves identifying the main keywords that are essential to your brand, and are likely to be search terms used by your buyer persona. Three key questions to ask yourself are:

  1. For each term consider at what point is your buyer persona is in their buyer journey?
  2. Why is your buyer persona asking this question at this point?
  3. What content is your buyer persona expecting as a result of their query?

Generic intentions can be identified through the specific keywords being used in terms of their stage in the buyer journey and the scale and type of content that your buyer persona is expecting as a response

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On-page optimisation involves developing or editing your content to reflect your keyword research. This includes using the words and phrases from your research as the basis for developing your website navigation, and to create your website architecture.

Correctly implement Meta Tags and ensure all your headings are optimised for search engines. Internal page linking in addition to text and image optimisation are also essential for SEO.

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Off-page optimisation include the development of your content and channel sub-strategies that will generate relevant links back to your website. You also want to reach potential industry authorities, industry commentators and bloggers. These earned channels will then ideally engage and link to your content if they find it relevant and valuable.

Backlinks are an essential part of your SEO strategy. Encourage links back to your website from your social media channels.

Monitoring the market is the final and constantly evolving aspect of your SEO strategy. You should be aware of your competitor’s activity as well as key seasonal trends in order to identify any potential strategic opportunities and to evolve your strategy to adapt within a changing environment.

The quality of external links coming to your website is recognised as a leading practice method for off-page optimisation factor. Opportunities to build up your backlink profile and emulate that of your competitors should be explored at every opportunity.

All of this insight aids your data sub-strategy and will support your expanding knowledge of your own organisation as a digital business.